Eva Alfhild Jonsson
I don't like formulaic movies. I love filmmakers who are brave enough to take risks. I’ve never used Blake Snyders formula known as To save the cat. In fact: I don’t use formulas at all! These kinds of rules are for people who don’t dare to be different and don’t dare to be themselves.
Just like Washington Times’ movie critic Peter Suderman, I believe that writing formulas make a writer less creative. I don’t need a beat sheet to make my writing easier. I will never write a script to fit the needs of a formula. I will never cut or delete sections because some guru decided years ago exactly what should happen when in a screenplay. I will never be afraid to create one-dimensional characters either: I've met so many people with a very small range of personality traits - they should be allowed to exist on the screen just as they are in real life! I will always tell my stories the way I want to tell them – and you can like it or not!

//Eva Alfhild Jonsson